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Agro Latina began its productive process in 1975 when the businessman Renato Argenta began working with Brazilian slaughterhouses in the marketing of by-products of cattle, among them, the hides and tallow. From the beginning we adopted the concept of becoming a solid company in the market, working for the quality and customer satisfaction.

Since then, the company had a gradual growth, focusing its operations in the manufacturing of Wet Blue hides and Crust for upholstery (furniture) and for security materials, as well in the marketing of animal fats and biofuels.

In 1990 our company began selling in the international market, where it was gaining ground, and today we operate in several countries, exporting wet salted cattle hides, wet blue and semi-finished leather.

In 2007 we started the production of semi-finished hides for security materials ( Vaqueta ASA and Crust Glove Splits) focused on the National market, and today we are benchmark in quality and commitment to our customers.

Our main plant is located in the city of Igrejinha, state of Rio Grande do Sul, where are industrialized 4.000 hides per day until the stage of Semi-finished (Crust).

Learn about our products and discover why Agro Latina is one of the traditional suppliers of leather in South America.


Leather products, animal and vegetable oils and footwear;


Solidify as reference in our domestic market and international market in all segments that we act.


Developing quality products, transmitting commitment, confidence and credibility to our customers, suppliers and employees;


-  To work with seriously and commitment with our customers, suppliers and employees;

- Ensure quality products, searching continuous improvement of their process;

- To promote the growth of a team motivated and able to better attend customers and suppliers;

- Keep the humility, flexibility and transparency on the relation with customers and suppliers.


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Estrada Picada Francesa, 950 - CX Postal 120

Bairro Casa de Pedra - Igrejinha - RS

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